Today’s Virgo Full Moon

Karen Paolino
| 25th February 2024

Happy to share my friend and astrologer Regina Hamilton’s empowering and insightful Full Moon Forecast…

~Dreaming and Doing~

Hello Friends,
Saturday’s earthy Virgo Full Moon stands alone in the sky, guiding us to find our ground in the ebb and flows of our life’s journey as it opposes a planetary brigade floating in watery Pisces. Full Moons illuminate what we need to see while also bringing situations to culmination, a revelation and an awareness that something needs to shift or change. Virgo is symbolized by the self-sustaining Earth Goddess – whole and complete within herself. This Moon shows us that what we feel we lack can be found within, a realization that lights the path for healing and wholeness.
This meticulous Virgo Full Moon is our inspiration for becoming whole and healthy on many levels. Cleaning and clearing, simplifying and purifying are Virgo avenues for good work that benefits our bodies, our minds and our lives. Virgo finds joy in the details, the rituals and routines that smooth our way in the world. Earth energy always connects us to practical processes; this Virgo Moon moves us toward improving and making things better – not seeking an unattainable ideal of perfection. Since the Moon opposes the Sun in dreamy Pisces, we are called to find balance between our physical and emotional selves, between taking care of the details and letting go of what we can’t control. This Full Moon highlights our ability to bring the divine to our daily experiences. We can start by cultivating our inner relationship, to go within before we engage with the world. One of the best gifts we can derive from this approach is an awareness of staying present…knowing that every moment is sacred. 
While the Virgo Moon calls us to get to work and take care of the details, she’s facing off a fleet of planets floating in Pisces watery realm. The Sun, mental Mercury, structural Saturn and mystical Neptune are sailing in the Pisces sea. The higher vibration of Pisces energy is compassionate, creative and intuitive. But when the waters get choppy or the fog rolls in, the lower vibration of confusion, anxiety and victimization clouds our way. If it’s difficult to see where your course is going (or if you know it’s time to change course,) the Virgo Full Moon is shining it’s light to help you find your path, the way that’s true for you. Pisces shows us the value of surrendering to spirit, letting go of the things and thoughts that cause us to feel adrift or are sinking us. Then our Virgo “doings” will be divinely guided and aligned by the light of the Moon.
The Virgo Full Moon is setting the stage for another heavenly happening. Three of the celestial navigators, the Sun, Mercury and Saturn are heading toward a cosmic meet-up on February 28th, a triple conjunction at 9 degrees Pisces. Whenever a planet meets the life-force Sun in the sky, it’s cazimi, meaning it is “in the heart of the Sun”. It’s the beginning of a new cycle as that planet is infused and empowered with the light of the Sun. This double cazimi is pretty special – the planet of the mind (also Virgo’s ruler) and the planet of purpose join with the Sun, bringing new insight, clarity, commitment and focus to creating and building the life of our dreams. Inspiration and enlightenment that leads to the strategies, tools and efforts to make the ideal real.
We’re in a “no-retro” zone with no planetary retrogrades until April 1st, (when trickster Mercury starts his next retrograde on April Fool’s day!) There is forward movement and energy is picking up speed. Healer Chiron and the Moon’s North Node of the future are traveling together in Aries, facilitating healing of deep core wounds of the self. This is freeing us of old karmic attachments (like cord cutting) so we can travel lighter and truer to ourselves as we forge new paths to the future.
February’s Full Moon is called the “Full Snow Moon,” because in the deep of winter, (in the Northern Hemisphere) life appears dormant on the surface. Of course, below ground seeds are starting to sprout as Nature’s cycles evolve. Those seeds contain everything that will become “living” when they emerge from the ground. This symbolism speaks beautifully to this Virgo Full Moon energy. Caring for all of our needs now – physically with healthy choices for our body and mind, emotionally by being compassionate with ourselves, and spiritually by listening with love to our inner voice – we are tending to the whole of our being. Virgo-Pisces is the healing axis of the zodiac, true healing is going to occur from the inside out. Breaking old patterns, shifting our beliefs and perceptions requires going below the surface, where deep change can occur. Then our seeds will bloom in the garden that is our dream and our vision for the future. 
The Virgo Full Moon is exact on Saturday, February 24th at 7:30am EST. 
(If you know where 5 degrees Virgo  ~  5 degrees Pisces is in your astrology chart – the energies and issues of these houses are where the Full Moon impacts you personally. Please contact me if you would like more information about that or to schedule an astrology reading for yourself.)
As we navigate this healing axis it’s valuable to remember that the biggest healing on a personal level can come through self acceptance and surrender. Sometimes it is not in our power, or our mission to “fix” something. By accepting what is, we stop resisting what is and we make space for healing to happen.  Cosmic energies are calling us to release what doesn’t serve us in order to embrace the upgrades that enable us to become a better version of ourselves…for ourselves. Then we have so much more to offer everyone and everything else. (Please know I am not negating medical care or treatment. I believe the best care comes when we embrace a spiritual practice with any physical action we participate in.) This Full Moon helps us to balance the qualities of Virgo and Pisces – mental and emotional, physical and spiritual. The wholeness Virgo seeks can be found in Pisces’ unconditional love and compassion, the recognition that we are all one in the Pisces ocean. Every drop matters and whatever you do counts. 
Blessings and Happy Virgo Full Moon to you!
*Praying for PEACE – Everywhere and for everyone in the world.*
Find PEACE with yourself to bring PEACE to our world.
The Stars may guide, but YOU decide!
Regina Hamilton
Celestial Insights

    Found this

    Karen Paolino
    | 24th February 2024

    I pulled out one of my journals when I first started to wake up in 1999 and I wrote this…

      True Self Lesson 17

      Karen Paolino
      | 23rd February 2024

      For those of you who are all caught up and waiting for lesson 17 – Your Roles Are Not Your Identity. I spent today preparing. It was more in depth than I thought and will film on Sunday. So hopefully you will have access to it on Sunday or Monday. Thank you for your patience.

        Surrender Worry, Trust in the Moment

        Karen Paolino
        | 23rd February 2024

        No matter if you are in the group that is taking the 40 Day Journey of Surrender and Trust during lent or not, I highly recommend reading Day 9. There is such wisdom and support in this day to bring awareness to worry and how to transform worry into trust and asking for support both for yourself and those situations you worry about. Blessings, Karen

        Divine Family of Many…

        Its time for me to take my power back from my mind pushing me with its
        unhealthy habit of worry.
        I am tired of living in the past and worry about the future.

        I call upon your help and I ask for grace to unfold.
        I commit as I will pay attention and catch myself when I focusing on worry about anyone or anything in my life.
        I choose to surrender my worries to you Dearest Divine in the trust and knowing,
        that all is well and will be.
        Remind me to breathe into the present moment and rest back into my wise self.
        I trust my wise self knows how to live and enjoy the present moment, just as it is.
        And so it is.

          “Tree Meditation” from Gaia Body and Soul by Toni Carmine Salerno ♥️

          Patricia Brown
          | 21st February 2024

          Imagine yourself in a magic forest, walking along a path on a cool, still evening. All around you is glowing with moonlight. You are surrounded by an array of majestic trees and you feel the cool night air as a gentle breeze caressing your face and skin. You are alone, yet you feel completely safe and secure as you walk along this magical path. You feel a deep spiritual connection to the earth and trees. The path leads you to a mysterious, old door at the base of a huge, old tree. You stand before this majestic tree, in awe of its beauty … feel its strength, its wisdom and love pouring down upon you through the starlight.

          Open the door and step inside. The room is glowing, a deep green and violet light fills the room and you feel these colours heal you. Feel the green and violet light heal and transmute all past hurts and fears. All your secret doubts, jealousy, repressed anger, sadness and regret energetically detach from you and ignite as sparks consumed by the violet light and healed by the deep-green light. Your entire being is engulfed by violet and deep-green flames of light as you begin to feel a deep sense of peace — feeling lighter and brighter, feeling renewed, physically, emotionally and spiritually, as though an invisible weight has been removed.

          You now realize that this sacred tree is your higher self—your spiritual guardian—and everything you have ever experienced is stored here. Your life experiences are held lovingly within the many corridors and rooms. There are many doors to many rooms, many stairs and levels within your sacred tree, all filled with the treasures and experiences of your life. You are free now to walk around and explore the sacred rooms and walkways within your tree of life.

          Ask your higher self now to show you something that would be of help to you at this point in your life. What would it take for you to remain happy and free? Ask to be shown to a particular room that would be of help, or be an inspiration to you.

          Now thank your sacred tree—your higher self—for appearing to you in this way and for helping you during this meditation. Know that you may return here any time you like.

          Slowly bring your awareness back to your breath. Become aware of your physical body and open your eyes when you are ready.

            Prayer from Day 5

            Karen Paolino
            | 20th February 2024

            This message downloaded with ease and grace during a Breathwork session. May it remind you of the Truth of who you are….

              Interesting Meditation

              Karen Paolino
              | 19th February 2024

              Louie found this and I started it 3 days ago. See if you are drawn to it….

              BASHAR’s Sacred Circuitry Symbols: 15 Symbols that will help our Physical Brain REWIRE its neurological paths for the development of these states and faculties, making it “Hyper-Conductive” and therefore improve the communication between higher Self and Physical Mind, allowing you to access more information, tap into understandings more rapidly, more readily, gain perspectives that allow greater perception.

              Step 1: Take a few deep breaths and relax your Mind and Body. Step 2: Observe each symbol for a period of 1 minute. (first complete the upper line, then the middle line, and finally the line of symbols at the bottom)-15 Symbols for 1 min. each (15 MINUTES)

              Step 3: Complete this same process three days in a row at first, (for a stronger and deeper initial impact in the rewiring of the brain) then every once in a while and in no particular order.

              NOTE: Allow yourself to feel the different states of each Symbol, feel the activation of these states, observe and absorb each symbol as you go through them. Always Relaxed, Always Enjoying. -Bashar

              • Thanks, Karen, I’ll try it shortly. A friend introduced me to Bashar a while back and I’ve only watched some recordings. I like all so far – what profound teachings! I love his directness and humor too! Have a great day! 🙂



              Karen Paolino
              | 19th February 2024

              True to enjoying life and having peace…


                This prayer came across my path after Day 4

                Patricia Brown
                | 17th February 2024

                I place on the altar of dawn:

                The quiet loyalty of breath,

                The tent of thought where I shelter,

                Waves of desire I am shore to

                And all beauty drawn to the eye.

                May my mind come alive today

                To the invisible geography

                That invites me to new frontiers,

                To break the dead shell of yesterdays,

                To risk being disturbed and changed.

                May I have the courage today

                To live the life that I would love,

                To postpone my dream no longer

                But do at last what I came here for

                And waste my heart on fear no more.

                JOHN O’DONOHUE

                Excerpt from the blessing, ‘A Morning Offering,’ found in his books,

                To Bless the Space Between Us

                • Beautiful! Thank you for sharing ❤️


                Day 4 – 40 Day Journey of Surrender and Trust

                Karen Paolino
                | 17th February 2024

                This caught my awareness today to share….

                • SO powerful – thank you! I just finished Day 4 and on the catch up with Day 5 – I’m so glad I made the commitment to join you on the 40 Day Journey and am finding it quite impactful and perfect at this time in my life! xoxo